About Us

The basic idea behind conceptualizing and building FeastPlan was to ensure that the restaurants unleash their productivity through mobility solutions.

Understanding the growing needs of users across the globe and the increasing competition, our team decided to come up with restaurant mobility software which can help businesses to perform seamlessly. While working on the project, the team designed it keeping in mind the days with heavy traffic and even those when customers are low.

The application not only avails better experience to customers but also helps the management and staff to accomplish their duties without any hustle or confusion.

Our Mission

While there are developers in the market to own an idea close to this, our mission during working on the plan was to ensure reaping its benefits to everyone using it. The software has been built to serve the restaurant industry with innovative methods to sustain in industry for a longer duration and grow their business impeccably.

Our Vision

To avail new restaurant mobility standards and bridge the gap between what they have and what they want.

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